Public Space Days 2018 (3rd edition)

Culture as a Common Good

May 22 – 27, 2018 / Chisinau, Bender, Tiraspol

Association Oberliht from Chisinau in partnership with Apriori Center from Tiraspol is organising on the 22nd-27th of May the third edition of Public Space Days, which will take place in Chișinău, Bender and Tiraspol. The events programme of #ZSP2018 aims to build a connection between the disparate discussions about the public space and to open the discussion regarding other aspects of the transformations of a post-soviet city. Therefore, the 2018 edition will tackle the subject of access to culture and culture as common good, with focus on the neighbours and the residential areas (some of them being more isolated from the city centre, where most of the cultural infrastructure is concentrated) encouraging a wider and more open use if public space, especially by artists, so that through the means of arts to raise society’s awareness about the issues the neighbours are facing. The project aims to contribute to the development of neighbourhoods areas through cultural innovation and creativity, to support artistic initiatives that come to reinforce local communities, encouraging interactions between different groups of people in the neighbourhood and stimulating social cohesion. Also, the project will contribute to an exchange between people from the two banks of Nistru river, connecting artists, cultural managers, researchers, journalists and other actors within the cultural field of Chisinau, Tiraspol, Bender and other cities outside Moldova.

The Public Space Days programme will include:

The international conference dedictaed to Culture, as a common good – the

The international conference Public Facades: Culture is a common good – the neighbourhoods’ future, which will bring together people from cultural field, researchers, scientists, local culture activist and guests, in order to open a conversation about the changes in the modernist type environments and the transformation of the cultural infrastructure, and their consequences on society, on residential neighbourhoods in Moldovan and other European cities.

Creative workshops for young artists and children:

Artistic interventions in public space, a workshop with Chzec artists Vladimir Turner and Martina Machovicova, held in Chisinau and Tiraspol.

YES, the artists can, too, a workshop on entrepreneurship in cultural field, moderated by Martin Q Larsson, KLUMP Suptopia Kulturinkubator, Sweden.

Creative workshops for children and parents,  organised in partnership Political Critique Association “At the border” from Cieszyn, Poland, which will take place in Zaikin Park.

Cultural programme in collaboration with different cultural and civic initiatives:

Movie screenings and video art

P 44 by Vladimir Staekcev // Behind the iron gates by Heidrum Holzfeind // Bicycles vs cars by Fredrik Gertten // Rivers, by Ghenadie Popescu

Guided Tours

Chisinau through the monocle – TRANSECTorial Walks – three tours in three neighbourhoods of Chisinau: Botanica, Buiucani and Rascani. The tours aim to reveal the identities of these regions where lives the majority of the city’s population.

Breaking-up with modernity – a guided tour of Chicana district by Stefan Rusu, who will focus upon the environment in which the neighbourhoods of the working class evolved.

Guided tour of Ciocana district by the researcher Kirill Semionov and Guided tour of the neighbourhood ‘Sunny’ in Bender, by the researcher Maxim Poleacov. The tours are one of the outcomes of the study directed towards exploring the cultural potential of the residential neighbourhoods of Chisinau and Bender.


During the Public Space Days cultural programme there will be held contemporary art exhibition that will tackle the problems of residential neighbourhoods and residents’ access to culture.

Panel of honour, the presenation of a project by visual artist from Bender, Carolina DUTCA during her artistic residency at CHIOŞC AIR in partnership with Botanica District Administration.  The project consists of a series of photos of people living in Chisinau, along with some text.

The varnishing of the “Cultura/ /Future of the Neighborhoods”, will showcase the works the artists participating in the residential exchange on the both sides of Nistru river and those of participants in the workshop by Vladimir Turner and Martina Machovicova on artistic interventions.

Tolerance: How do we understand it – varnishing the exposition curated by Anna Vasina and Aliona Ciobanu, showcasing a series of posters.


The concerts will take place in residential neighbourgoods’ coutryards and in semi-abondened spaces: at the former movie theatre Iskra, Zaikin Park, at the movie theatre Buiucani and Flat Space, a space coordonated by Oberliht Association, with the participation of musicians from both sides of river Nistru and some music bands from Switzerland.

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In 2018, the Public Space Days is organized by Oberliht Association from Chisinau in cooperation with the Informational and Legacy center Apriori  from Tiraspol within the framework of the “Support for Confidence Building Measures” program, which is funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP: Poduri de încredere peste Nistru – Bridges of Trust through the Dniester , as well as with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova, the Swedish Institute, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), ArtsLink and Erasmus+.

Partners: Urbanism Center, Buiucani Cinema, KSA:K Contemporary Art Center: Critical Mass, MIEZ Laboratory, Botanica district city hall, Ciocana district city hall, Political Critique, Tranzit.ro Iasi, Subtopics, Faculty of Fine Arts, Decorative and Design, Academy of Music Theater and Fine Arts.

Media partners: Art Ploshadka, Briciul, #Diez, Locals.md, Ziarul de Gardă, Orașul meu, Platzforma, Urbana.md, Youth.md.