#SCA2022 / Alternative Cultural Spaces / Chisinau / Dubasari / Hirtop / Ribnita / June 3-5, 2022 – detailed program in English

The event aims to make alternative cultural spaces in different localities of the Republic of Moldova accessible, inviting cultural workers and emerging artists to exhibit their work in these spaces, propose interactions and dialogue with members of local communities.

Alternative Cultural Spaces serves as a platform for cultural initiatives that carry out activities in spaces, which were not initially thought of as cultural and/or educational spaces, but also for independent artists/artists who develop an artistic and theoretical discourse alternative to the dominant one. Immune to (self)censorship often present in public institutions and autonomous with regard to the commercialized sector of the creative industries, these spaces contribute significantly to the diversification of cultural life and civic education in the Republic of Moldova.

In the long term, the project aims to make visible organizations of civil society, cultural initiatives and independent artists, who initiate new projects and programs and experiment with new forms in art, contributing significantly to the development of contemporary art and the dynamization of the local cultural sphere – thus becoming an important partner to be taken into account by public authorities in the process of developing new culture policies.

Now in its first edition, #SCA2022 brings together 17 spaces hosting 30 events in collaboration with over 30 participants from Belarus, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Republic of Moldova, UK, Romania and Ukraine.
We invite the general public from Chisinau, Dubasari, Rybnitsa and Hirtop to discover various forms of contemporary art, including art in public space, socially and politically engaged art, community art and other forms of critical art.

Please see the updated detailed programme of the event.

PARTICIPANTS: Clara Abdullah [RO/MD], Ciprian Antoci [MD], Anna Bantiuc [MD], Bincovski [MD], Elena Chirila [MD/RO], Alin Cinca [RO], Rusanda Curca [MD], Anca Dima [RO], Lilia Dragneva [MD], Dmitrii Dulfan [UA], Dmitry Ermalovich-Dashchynski [BY], Tatiana Fiodorova [MD], Maurice Grosbusch [LU], Ana Gurdis [MD], Alexandru Harabagiu [MD], Ruben Hollinger [CH], Sam Jury [GB], Anastasiia Khlestova [UA], Yulia Kostereva [UA], Ramin Mazur [MD], Elena Milușchina [MD], Mihai Moldovanu [MD], Alexandra Novac [MD], Iulia Pinzari [MD], PODVAL [MD], Maxim & Anton Polyakov [MD], Ana Popa [MD], Ghenadie Popescu [MD], Alexe Pupazan [MD], Victor Romanciuc [MD], Elena Russu [MD], Alexandra Stepanova [MD], Ruxanda Spatari [MD], Ecaterina Soseva [MD], Vladimir Us [MD], Vasiluta Vasilache [MD], Anna Vasina [MD], Victor Streleț [MD], ZaO [MD]

SPACES: Flat Space / B68 – urban garden / Buncher / House of Culture in Hirtop / Zemstvei House (3rd Space studio, Art studio, CicloCultură bikeshop, Basement, Cămara, Club, Corridor, Stalker Garden, Queer Cafe, Zpace) / Civic Club nr. 19/ Ou Gallery / Podzemka / Asachi Square / Suspiria / „Taynaya Komnata” Cafe

PARTNERS: Arta-Azi / Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts / Alianța Biciclete Chișinău (ABC)  / books for friends / Cactus klub / Casa De Creație / Accolada resource centre / Contemporary Art Center, Chisinau [ksa:k] / Coalition of Independent Culture Sector from Republic of Moldova / Cocosul Rosu / covrig / Garage 217 / Kolxoz / Moldox / Oberliht / Open Place / Rhythms of Resistance (RoR) / „Al. Șciusev” School of Fine Arts for Children / UR transformation space

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Ministry of Culture of Republic of Moldova / Cultural Department of Chisinau Municipality / Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation / CEC ArtsLink / New Democracy Fund / Erasmus +